Eco-Conscious Growing Methods

Aloha Green cannabis is grown under the Hawaiian sun, in the same rich soil that nourishes plant life from mauka to makai. In order to protect our land, water, and wildlife, Aloha Green avoids the use of hydroponic systems and salt-based fertilizers. We use natural methods to grow our plants and employ closed-loop systems to minimize waste. Composting helps us eliminate the use of synthetic fertilizers, and our very own insectary of good, beneficial bugs and gardens of helpful plants keep our cannabis 100% pesticide-free. We have a responsibility to both Nature and our bodies to use sustainable, biological cultivation practices that don't use synthetic chemicals.


Sun grown in rich,
Hawaiian soil

LIMITED hydroponics & salt-based fertilizers

Composting and closed-loop systems


natural pest control

Facilities conserve water and electricity


plans for SolaR power by 2020


Locally sourced whenever possible

Environmental stewardship

We strive to create wholesome medicine that restores our bodies and souls, supports our economy, and protects the ecosystem.