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Aloha Green cannabis products are developed to bring out the best of the marijuana plant’s therapeutic and beneficial properties.

Medical cannabis is an ancient medicine that has a history with mankind going back thousands of years. Grown and cultivated using sustainable methods that honor this long partnership, the medicine we make at Aloha Green provides patients with a natural and time tested remedy for pain and illness. 

Our first dispensary will open Summer 2017. We will be located in Honolulu at the Interstate Building near King and Keeaumoku Streets. Join our newsletter to receive updates.



King StreeT Dispensary opening in

Summer 2017





What you need to know

Useful Information


Getting a 329 Registration Card

You MUST be a cardholder or caregiver with a valid Hawaii 329 Registration Card to purchase medicine from any dispensary. Contact a certifying physician or APRN to obtain your medical card. Additional information can be found on the official Registration Q&A website provided by the State of Hawaii’s Department of Health.

Currently, individuals with these approved conditions can be certified by a registered physician or APRN for a Registration Card.


Hawaii's laws and rules

Recreational use of cannabis is illegal! Make sure you know the laws and restrictions. Only individuals (patients and caregivers) with a valid 329 Registration Card can grow up to 7 plants, carry up to 4 ounces, or consume medical cannabis. Medical marijuana cannot be used in any moving vehicle, at any workplace, on any school grounds, or in any public place. Do NOT get on a plane with cannabis! Marijuana CANNOT be transported inter-island or between international or state lines.

Aloha Green's cannabis products

The Aloha Green product line will include cannabis flower, extracts, and concentrates (oil, shatter, rosin, wax, balms, and tinctures). Pending the passage of legislation this year by the Hawaii State Legislature, we will also be manufacturing edibles. Consult your medical professional to find out which methods of cannabis consumption would be most effective for you.


caregivers and minors

Minors and children can be certified for a Registration Card as long as a parent, guardian or legal custodian is also registered as the caregiver. Individuals who are unable grow or obtain medical marijuana on their own can also designate a caregiver. While caregivers do not need to register separately or pay the fee, they must be identified on the patient’s application. Caregivers must be 18 years or older and can be registered under only one patient. 

Contact your State Reps

Contact your State Representative and Senator to show support for the medical cannabis industry in Hawaii. Find out who your representatives are on the Hawaii State Legislature website.

Tell them your story and let them know how medical marijuana has provided you and/or loved ones with relief.


Just visiting Hawaii?

You’re out of luck… for now. Hawaii will allow patients from other U.S. states to use their medical cannabis cards (medical cannabis program reciprocity) starting January 1, 2018. We hope this news doesn’t dampen your trip to beautiful Hawaii and that you will still have a wonderful time visiting our island home. If you plan on returning within the next few years, please stay in touch and sign up for our newsletter!